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Energy industry

ref : Migration and version upgrade

The client manages purchasing, inventory and finance for around 500 subsidiaries in Europe with its ERP. With the current version about to become unsupported, the question arose whether it would be better to choose a standard upgrade or fresh implementation. The cost of migration had to be compared to the functional advantages of the new version. Finally, the client sought to keep the number of customized developments down to streamline maintenance.


Statutory auditing sector

ref : Tool benchmarking

Our client, a leading consultant in auditing, accounting, taxation, and legal affairs, used an ERP that handled:

  • time tracking and expense receipt entry
  • general accounting, accounts receivable and payable, project accounting, purchasing and training

The existing ERP was not satisfactory to all users. The staff processes could be fastidious, particularly for smaller offices outside of Paris. The client was seeking to change the ERP and consulted off-the-shelf solutions.


Transportation industry

ref : ERP migration

The client is a world leader in secure communication systems for the transportation industry. After defining a new core model for all the group’s management applications, the pilot entity had less than one year to switch over to the target solution:

  • SAP ECC 6
  • Very broad functional coverage
  • 7,000 company employees
  • Integral migration of live data


Energy Industry

ref : IT Strategy and master plan

The client is a longstanding energy producer with a large number of applications covering a wide business scope:

  • Procurement and purchase management
  • Production and inventory management
  • Geographical information and maintenance management
  • Finances

Every new project suggested by the business lines undergoes a lengthy decision-making process, and it is difficult to find the budgets and resources needed to present, plan, and kick off projects.


Media industry

ref : MCO

Our client already had a BI environment that they sought to maintain and upgrade. The new system aimed to make the analyses that the IS department provided to the business lines more cross-functional. The client was looking for a trusted partner to work on the maintenance of the BI applications and to anticipate upgrades. From a technical standpoint, this involves applying patches and upgrades, but understanding of business issues also comes into play.


Media industry

ref : Technical architecture of the IS

Our Media clients are increasingly switching their IT infrastructures over to agile solutions, some as-a-service, some in the cloud (e.g. IaaS, Paas, SaaS, public, private, or hybrid). This makes for faster response times and shifts the focus back to usage rather than hardware or software. Mixed infrastructures (i.e. cloud and on-premises) are also often advantageous, but present interface and data security challenges.


Automobile industry

ref : Application Architecture

The main current application covers the areas of finance and fixed assets, purchase-stock, sales, logistics and completes the GMOA, GPOA and e-commerce applications. The client wishes to expand and enrich its information system with new projects:

  • Integrating  a decision-making system
  • Rolling out the ERP to subsidiaries
  • Implementing new functional areas such as CRM