Through its ERP, Data and Cloud solutions and the know-how of its consultants, Insyco brings technical and business added value to its customers.




Systems migration and their convergence in the Cloud

To guarantee the sustainability of a management system, it must be modernized, made secure, made more efficient and adapted to the specific needs of the company.

We achieve this by supporting you in major version upgrades of your applications, in their migration to a new publisher, or in their convergence towards the Cloud.

Our project managers, architects and experts take over all of your migration projects. We support you from the analysis and definition of your needs to the acceptance of your new tool and your perfect mastery of the new environment.

The convergence of business applications in 100% Cloud solutions is also a major challenge for companies. We offer you to achieve this convergence by combining within the same team our key expertise in ERP, CRM and Cloud management.


The exploitation of data is a major challenge for companies.

Our Data maturity assessment tools help us identify ways to optimize and enhance your data in order to issue recommendations and an action plan.

We support you in securing and increasing the reliability of data by thinking about optimal use of it (implementation of an architecture, decision-making tools, predictive calculations, etc.).

We also offer you to rationalize and optimize your flows. Our experts analyze the structure of your data, set up tools to map your flows and identify cross-functional data repositories.

Finally, we help you set up a governance of your data in order to clarify everybody’s role in the collection and manipulation of the data. Better governing the data thus makes your processes more reliable and raises awareness among the company’s stakeholders.