Cutting-edge information technologies to boost performance

About insyco

INSYCO is an independent computer engineering company founded in 2007

Insyco conducts projects calling on the full gamut of information technologies, bringing together the energy needed to go the distance supporting our clients – major organizations hailing from all industries.
As a smaller, people-focused company, Insyco optimizes information systems striving for long-term, quality partnerships grounded in trust and a dynamic of sharing.


Our work is guided by a spirit of excellence, which means quality is our top value.

We believe that all true success must be grounded in the greatest respect for people, since they are at the heart of information.

Our know-how would be useless in the abstract. We put it to work serving our clients to help them adapt better to real-world problems.

Our team spirit means Insyco thrives on working reciprocally and in harmony with our clients’ people.

Only trust that is earned, deserved and maintained can build lasting, solid partnerships.

We love what we do, and take great pleasure in personal and inter-personal accomplishments during our missions.


Management team

François Duchêne

François, an Insyco co-founder, is in charge of administration and treasury.

Kiem Tran

Another Insyco co-founder, Kiem heads up sales development.

Angela Bernardes

Angela is in charge of all recurring processes in the Insyco back office.

Ludovic Desgardin

Another Insyco co-founder, Ludovic, heads up R&D and strategy.

key figures

as of December 2020, 31st
5.0 2020 revenue in M€
14 years of expertise
52 consultants